vital information

Dail and Craig are amazing holiday cottages and I hope that you grow to love them as much as we do. However, they will not suit everybody and it is important that you are aware  of a few points before booking.

Both properties have only recently been made available for holiday lets (summer 2016) and there is ongoing work being done to improve them. The photos on the website are being replaced as more work is done. If you have any concerns then please call me (01631 720192) for a chat. I would much rather you were sure that this is the right holiday for you, than have guests come and not enjoy themselves.


There isn’t any mains electricity!

In Dail there is a leisure battery and inverter that can be used to charge phones, cameras and small devices, but otherwise this is a great opportunity to leave your many gadgets at home. Lighting is provided by candles and led lighting in the sitting room, and led lights everywhere else. There are plenty of these led lights of various sizes, and batteries are also available. You will find lots of hooks round the house that are perfect for hanging these lights from so whatever you are doing, you will have light. They can also be used if you need a night light, and for children to take to bed with them.

In Craig there is a Lister diesel generator which provides power. We provide sufficient diesel for you to run this for around a couple of hours each evening (20 litres). This enables you to use the immersion heater for hot water (in addition to the open fire which is normally sufficient), plus have lighting, charge your devices, and use the microwave oven. We find that some guests choose to not use it at all. In addition there are ample led lights and batteries available.

Candles are only for use in the sitting room, and we ask that all guests be very aware of the risk of fire and the fact that help will not be swift from the fire brigade!

Heat and hot water is provided by a back boiler running off the woodstove at Dail and the open fire at Craig. By leaving doors open you can spread this heat throughout the house. There are hot water bottles for bedtime plus very warm duvets  and blankets on all the beds.

There is a full size gas cooker with oven and hob in the kitchen. Craig has a full size gas fridge in the kitchen, whereas Dail has an under-counter size one in the byre.


Both properties are served by nearby streams and the water at present is not filtered, and will therefore need to be boiled for drinking and teeth brushing. We provide a couple of bottles of drinking water to get you started.


If you are coming by car then you will need a vehicle with high clearance, such as a 4X4 or SUV. Please do not assume that you will be able to use a lower vehicle and just be careful because that is not enough, especially when heavily laden!

Dail also involves a short walk in, and wheelbarrows are provided for this. It is worth bearing this in mind when you pack to come.

Both cottages can also be accessed by the water, if you have a suitable boat or kayak and are proficient in their use.

You can also walk in, and in this situation we can provide towels and drop off basic provisions if you let us know at the time of booking.

mobile signal

You can get signal through most networks from just outside the cottages. Texts seem to send okay, and most of the time you can make phone calls but there are odd times when the signal does get weaker. I normally find that if I go slightly further up the track then I get a better signal if needed.

internet access

As you can image, there is no internet access from Dail or Craig, but there are plenty of cafes and pubs in the Oban area with free wifi so what a good excuse to treat the family to a drink or a meal.


I live locally and am available most of the time if needed, and will always do my best to help. There are details in the cottages about calling emergency services and the location information you would need to give them. There is a very good doctors surgery and pharmacy at Connel. However, if you have someone in the family that likes/needs to be in easy reach of a hospital at all times, then sadly this may not be the holiday for you.

what is provided?

The cottages are very well equipped, including:

  • washing up liquid, tea towels, cleaning products
  • salt, pepper and basic condiments
  • bed linen
  • a reasonable supply of wood, briquettes and kindling for the stove/fire. There is further supplies available for guests to purchase
  • a small supply of bottled water, but guests are then expected to boil water for their own use
  • fresh air
  • tea lights

As we have had issues with guests using excessive amounts of wood, we are now having to limit the amount that we make readily available. There is enough included in the rental  in both properties for you to be comfortable and have sufficient hot water, but not enough to have fires burning constantly. Please bear in mind that we have to transport in all the resources that are available at the cottages, and for Dail in particular this is not an easy job! There is more wood available for you to buy from us at cost if you do want to use a large amount.

what should we bring with us?

Warm clothes and waterproofs are essential all year round. Wellingtons are a godsend, as are slippers. Best to bring lots of old clothes for kids so you don’t mind if they get muddy and wet while exploring around the area. Both cottages are old and stone built, so may not be as warm as you are used to at home.

Other things to think about bringing include:

  • charging cables for phones and cameras
  • any medications you may need
  • plenty of dog towels
  • towels for your own use
  • a sense of humour and yearning for adventure